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First things first: after a bicycle accident

Posted by Kenneth Doane | Apr 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

Wearing a helmet for every bicycle ride on the roads of Indiana is an essential part of being a safe cyclist. Another aspect of being prepared for a traffic crash is knowing what to do if one happens.

Here are some accident tips cyclists should know before they leave home.

Do a head check notes that immediately after a crash, injuries may not be obvious because of the shock and adrenaline that a person may experience. Before getting up, riders should assess whether they may have hit their head. Confusion or dizziness may indicate a head trauma, and possibly even a short period of unconsciousness. It is a good idea to take off the helmet and see if it has sustained any damage.

Stand up

A traumatic brain injury or broken bones could keep someone from getting up off the ground, and simply making the attempt may be enough to determine where injuries are located. Cyclists who can stand should try supporting themselves on the handlebars of the bicycle to see if there may be injuries in the chest, shoulders or arms.

Get out of the road

As soon as it is apparent that moving is possible, a rider should get out of the way of traffic to prevent any further collisions. 

Make phone calls

In the event of a serious injury, riders should call an ambulance. If not, a trip to the doctor is still a good idea, and a cyclist may want to call a friend or family member to take him or her to the emergency department. tells riders to call the police, as well, to get an official report of the accident in case the rider needs to file an insurance claim or a lawsuit.

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