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Injured In A Louisville Car Accident?

The Ohio River separates Indiana and Kentucky and residents are crossing the bridge to work and shop each day. So, it is not uncommon for Indiana residents to be injured in car accidents in Louisville and Louisville residents injured in Southern Indiana car accidents. However, a car accident can then involve the complication of two state laws in one accident. Call 812-590-2213 to schedule your free consultation with a law firm that can help navigate the differences in the law. Ken is licensed in Indiana and Kentucky and can help you wade through the complex issues of your Louisville car accident.

What is PIP?

A common question that our clients involved in Kentucky accidents have is regarding PIP.  PIP is an acronym that stands for Personal Injury Protection. This coverage is designed to cover medical bills and lost wages for Kentucky residents involved in a car accident.  The minimum amount that is offered by insurance companies in the commonwealth of Kentucky is $10,0000. PIP does not apply, however, to motorcycles, if your accident was work related or if you rejected PIP coverage.

Reserving PIP Benefits

One benefit of hiring an attorney is that he can help you reserve your PIP benefits.  This is beneficial to many of our clients that are involved in serious accidents.  By reserving PIP benefits it allows your to choose where the benefits are paid and does allow one provider to consume the entire amount before the bill could possibly be negotiated down.

The Kentucky statute relating to PIP claims is KRS 304.39-241 - Insured's direction of payment of benefits among elements of loss - Direction of payment to reimburse for medical expenses already paid.

An insured may direct the payment of benefits among the different elements of loss, if the direction is provided in writing to the reparation obligor. A reparation obligor shall honor the written direction of benefits provided by an insured on a prospective basis. The insured may also explicitly direct the payment of benefits for related medical expenses already paid arising from a covered loss to reimburse:

(1) A health benefit plan as defined by KRS 304.17A-005(22);

(2) A limited health service benefit plan as defined by KRS 304.17C-010;

(3) Medicaid; (4) Medicare; or

(5) A Medicare supplement provider.

Basically, this statute states that your benefits can be reserved in writing for use in paying medical bills and a portion of your lost wages. If you are in a serious accident, it is beneficial to do this immediately.

Indiana Residents Injured in Louisville

If you were injured in a car accident in Louisville and you are an Indiana resident, you are not entitled to KY PIP.  Indiana residents have a similar coverage called medical payment coverage or 'med-pay.'  This is an elected coverage on an Indiana policy.  Medical payment coverage can be very helpful to pay out of pocket expenses due to co-pays, deducibles and for those with no health insurance. The amount of medical payment coverage is listed on your declarations page.  An experienced personal injury attorney can review your policy and determine if this elected benefit applies to your claim.

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