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Do I Need A Dog Bite Lawyer?

An animal bite or attack can happen at the blink of an eye.  It is critical to seek medical attention if you have been attacked by a dog.  It is also important to report the incident to the police and/ or animal control as well as the owner as soon as possible. Gathering the identity of the owner, witnesses and to take photos of your injuries and the location of the attack will aid your claim in case a personal injury lawsuit would need to be filed.  We recommend scheduling a free consultation with the Doane Law Office in Jeffersonville to discuss your dog attack before giving any verbal or written statements.

An animal attack is not the only way that one can sustain injuries from an animal. If you were injured in a horseback riding accident, or if your child was injured while playing with a large dog, you could be entitled to injury compensation. 

Animal Owners Are Responsible

In Indiana and Kentucky, animal owners are responsible for controlling their animals and ensuring that they are safe to be around people. If you are injured by another person's animal in any circumstance, the owner can be held responsible. Any type of animal-related injury can be devastating, causing lifelong impacts such as disability, scarring or disfigurement, but even if injuries are minor, you should consult with an experienced personal injury attorney.

At Doane Law Office, LLC, we handle cases involving children and adults who have been injured by pets and other animals. We offer compassionate, personalized service, and we serve our clients' best interests in pursuit of compensation that can cover medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, rehabilitation, disability and other costs related to injury.

We charge no fees unless we win or settle in your favor. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation with Jeffersonville lawyer Ken Doane. Call us at 812-590-2213 in Jeffersonville or 502-595-7045 in Louisville.

Psychological Stress

Dogs are many times considered 'man's best friend'. However, someone else's lovable and furry four-legged creature can become aggressive and attack an innocent child or adult. Animal-related injuries can have deep psychological impacts on people. A dog attack could require psychological counseling to help a victim cope with trauma from the incident or with the outward appearance of his or her injuries. Facial injuries, especially, could require reconstructive surgery that may still be noticeable for a lifetime.

Even if a friend, relative or neighbor is the owner of the animal that caused your injury, it is important to speak with a personal injury attorney to determine if filing a legal claim or lawsuit is appropriate to recover compensation from homeowners insurance or other assets.

Leash Laws

Animals must be restrained or on a leash at all times. For example, regardless of if a dog is an aggressive breed, has bitten or attacked before, or if some event provoked it, the dog owner is strictly liable for injuries inflicted on another person.

The reason for an animal bite or attack doesn't matter. Compensation is due in most cases, and our law firm can help you obtain the maximum amount you deserve in a variety of circumstances.

Discuss Your Case With A Jeffersonville Dog Bite Attorney

Were you attacked by a pit bull or other dangerous animal? Let us help.

If you are looking for an injury attorney that is friendly and compassionate, as well as experienced and dedicated to effectively deliver results, call and set an appointment with the Doane Law Office. We have been successful in helping many dog bite victims receive compensation for their injuries.  If you have been attacked by a dog, let our office be your legal advocate.

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