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Jeffersonville Car Accident Attorney

Jeffersonville is located just over the Ohio River from Louisville, KY and is home to the scenic Falls of the Ohio with impressive fossil beds 390 million years old. Schimpff's Confectionary, another Hoosier favorite, has been making candy since 1891. Many Clark County residents have taken advantage of candy tours at Schimpff's and their awesome red hots!

However, Jeffersonville is also located between Interstate 64 and Interstate 65 at the foot of the Second Street Bridge, so it is no surprise that many injury-accidents occur in this area. According to a report published by Indiana University Public Policy Institute in conjunction with the Criminal Justice Institute, there were 4,496 collisions in 2017 in Clark County.  Jeffersonville had the largest amount of accidents totaling 1,160.  Of those, 15 were fatalities and there were over 900 non-fatal injury accidents. 

If you were involved in an auto accident and were injured, you are not alone. Call us at 812-590-2213 for your no-obligation free consultation. There is never a fee unless we win. 

Why Choose Doane Law Office?

  • Ken has over 20 years personal injury experience
  • Our team returns phone calls within 24 hours
  • Ken and his team strive to get you the best result on your injury claim
  • As a litigation firm, we file lawsuits and do not refer our cases to other attorneys when the work gets difficult
  • There is no fee unless we win or settle your case

Types of Car Accidents

There are multiple ways to get into a car accident, however these are the most common types of car accidents that we see:

Rear End Accidents: A rear-end accident occurs when another car runs into the back of the car in front of them.  According to the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHSTA), almost 1/3 of the accidents occur from a rear-end collision. Many rear end accidents are caused by distracted drivers on their cell phones, eating or tailgating.  It is also not a surprise that many rear-end accidents occur in heavy traffic. Simply by paying attention to your surroundings and leaving an adequate stopping distance between the car in front of you can significantly reduce the number of rear-end collisions.

T-Bone Accidents or Side-Impact Collisions: A T-Bone collision occurs when one car runs into the side of the other car.  T-Bone crashes typically occur at intersections and can many times cause significant injuries. Speed and disregarding traffic lights and stop signs are common causes of T-Bone collisions.  By making a complete stop at a stop sign or paying attention to traffic signals and looking both ways when approaching an intersections can be key to avoiding an injury-accident.

Head-On Collisions: A Head-On Collision occurs when vehicles from opposite direction crash into each other.  While head-on collisions are not as frequent, the results from high speed head-on collisions can be catastrophic and sometimes result in wrongful death. Fatigue and drunk driving play a factor in many of these crashes.  While it may be difficult to avoid a head-on collision, honk your horn or slow down to avoid the oncoming car.  It is always better to hit something stationary than to hit a vehicle head-on. 

When Should I Talk To A Personal Injury Attorney?

An experienced personal injury attorney can help navigate the claims process with the insurance companies.  So, if you have been injured, especially if you have serious injuries or lost wages, a personal injury law firm can handle the claim so that you can concentrate on getting better. Many of our clients get frustrated with the amount of time it takes to get in touch with the claims adjuster handling their claim. Claims adjusters are not your friend and their job is to settle claims and to pay as little as possible. Injury attorneys are well versed in procedure and personal injury law and, in most cases, get more in the settlement than those without an attorney. After you have sought medical attention, call 812-590-2213 and schedule a consultation with a Jeffersonville car accident attorney. What are you waiting for? It's free and we do not charge a fee unless we win or settle your case.

What Questions Should I Ask A Car Accident Attorney?

Experience: I think the most important question to ask in your consultation is how long have they been practicing personal injury law.  Many attorneys handle divorce and criminal law along with countless other areas and are known as general practitioners, but have never handled personal injury claims.  Would you go to your family doctor instead of an orthopedic surgeon for a leg fracture? No, you would opt for the specialist.  So, why would you choose an attorney that has not handled injury cases or has minimal experience?  With over 25 years strictly handling injury cases our firm does not 'dabble' in other areas of law.  

Litigation: The definition of litigation is simply filing a lawsuit or taking legal action against the at-fault party. A lawsuit would be filed in a claim for a variety of reasons such as the offer was not as expected or the statute of limitations would need to be preserved. So, another important question to ask in your consultation is how many personal injury lawsuits have the attorney filed.  If the attorney handling your claim has never filed a personal injury lawsuit, taken a deposition or even been in the courtroom, then you are at a disadvantage.  Alternatively, the firm may refer your case to another attorney that has less experience when the case gets more difficult. Ken has filed numerous lawsuits in Indiana and Kentucky and has had many successful jury verdicts. When we take your case, rest assured that we will work it to conclusion without referring it to another firm when a lawsuit needs to be filed.

Fees: Another important question to ask is what the fees would be and examples of expenses that would be incurred in the case.  Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, which mean they take a percentage of the gross settlement amount.  However, if they do not recover, they do not get paid. In working in the personal injury field for many years, I have noticed that the main difference with law firms is not the contingency fee, but the expenses.  Not all firms have free consultations. They will, in some cases, send an investigator to your house and clients are charged a few hundred dollars at the conclusion of the case. Some firms charge interest on your expenses and some even send you a bill for these expenses even if your case does not settle.  At Doane Law Office, we try to keep expenses to a minimum.  We upfront all expenses and do not charge interest on them.  We have free consultations and will not send an investigator to have you sign our fee agreement. That means more money in YOUR pocket when we settle your case.

While no personal injury attorney can guarantee the success of your claim, Ken has the experience and dedication to get you the best settlement.  In your free consultation, we will explore the facts of the case and make sure you understand what to expect when we handle your car accident claim. If you have been injured in a Jeffersonville car crash, call 812-590-2213 to schedule your 100% free consultation today.  We're just a phone call away!

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