Dangerous Property Conditions And Personal Injury

When you visit a shopping mall, go out to eat at a restaurant, travel to the store to pick up groceries or enter any kind of commercial or public building, you should not fear for your safety. Property owners, managers and businesses are responsible to repair known defects or clean up spills that can create the risk of a slip-and-fall accident or other event that can cause injury. We diligently champion the rights of accident victims in Clark County, throughout southeastern Indiana and in communities surrounding Louisville, Kentucky.

The Business Or Property Owner Will Not Simply Pay Your Medical Bills

A common misperception about property accidents is that the business will simply take care of your medical expenses. It does not really work that way. At Doane Law Office, LLC, we have substantial experience obtaining compensation for victims injured on a dangerous property. Our lawyer, Ken Doane, is a former insurance defense attorney who now serves to champion the rights of accident victims. His experience in both personal injury and insurance law is an invaluable asset in preparing a case to achieve results.

Building A Strong Case To Achieve Results

Our law firm knows the importance of thorough preparation beginning from Day One. We investigate the relevant facts surrounding an accident. In a premises liability case, there may be more than one party responsible for the property. We thoroughly examine the potential parties that may be responsible for an accident. Many property accidents involve slip-and-fall accidents, which can result in serious or catastrophic injuries.

We are well-versed to handle a variety of premises liability accidents, including:

We work relentlessly to maximize injury compensation on behalf of our clients. We evaluate all of the potential damages possible, including medical expenses, the potential future costs for rehabilitation or in-home care pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages.

Ken Doane is a skilled negotiator who will take care of all legal matters related to your claim, including dealing with the insurance companies. He guides clients every step of the way with personalized counsel and aggressive representation.

Contact Our Jeffersonville Premises Liability Attorney

If you or a family member has suffered injury due to a dangerous condition on a property, or the negligence of an animal owner, we urge you to reach out to us for the guidance you need to maximize your recovery. To arrange a no-obligation consultation with a dedicated lawyer, send us an email or call 812-406-0076 or 502-251-4649 toll free.