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Posts tagged "Bicycle Accidents"

Bike accidents in the fall

Riding a bike can be dangerous at any point during the year, but some months are especially risky. In the winter, some people avoid riding a bicycle or are even unable to do so because of harsh weather such as snow and ice. In the summer, many people enjoy riding their bicycle while the weather is pleasant. Sometimes, fall weather can lie in between, presenting weather that attracts bicyclists but also raises some concerns. As a result, it is critical to be careful if you plan to ride your bike this fall.

When cars and bicycles fail to share the road

As you probably already know, bicycling in Indiana is an enjoyable outdoor activity, a good form of exercise and a mode of transportation that does not harm the environment. However, you should also know that bicycling involves perils, particularly as it relates to sharing the road with motorists. Collisions between bicycles and automobiles do occur, and it is generally the bicyclist who sustains more serious injuries simply because you are more vulnerable riding a bicycle than a person driving a car. At The Doane Law Office, LLC, our experience includes not only going to trial on behalf of accident victims but also a background working in defense of insurance companies, meaning that we have an understanding of the legal tactics that insurers use to try to avoid liability for their clients.

Why should you always wear your helmet?

You have recently started riding your bicycle to work in Indiana. You have found that it allows you flexibility in traveling, it is more efficient than your gas-guzzling vehicle and it allows you to get exercise and enjoy nature. Because you do not feel like fixing your hair every day, you have opted not to wear your helmet the last couple of times. After all, how dangerous is it really, if you are still aware and following all of the rules of the road? Understanding the critical reasons why you should always wear your helmet may help you change your perspective.

Helping children learn the importance of bicycle safety

When a child learns to ride his or her bike independently, it is often something to be celebrated! For many children in Indiana, riding their bicycle around town is a source of entertainment, a reliable method of transportation and something that facilitates their independence. However, there are also significant risks when children do not understand how to ride their bicycle safely, especially around other moving vehicles who may not be paying attention or are driving carelessly. 

What can you do to keep yourself safe while cycling?

Whenever you take your bike out and ride the busy streets of Indiana, it is never a bad idea to remind yourself of the basic rules of safety. Becoming complacent or too confident with your cycling skills may create a liability if you are faced with a sudden hazard on your ride. Whether you are looking for a brief refresher or you are new to the world of cycling, it is imperative that you are aware of some general safety tips. 

Your awareness can lessen your chances of injuring a bicyclist

When you are out and about driving around town, chances are your first indication is to pay attention to the other vehicles on the road. By watching what they are doing and being observant to their movement, you are able to navigate safely to your destination. Sometimes, you may become so caught up in watching other cars that you fail to notice other, smaller objects like pedestrians or bicyclists. At Doane Law Office, LLC, we have helped many drivers in Indiana to avoid collisions through awareness and education. 

How many injured bicyclists do emergency rooms treat?

Each year, many bicyclists are injured or even killed when they are struck by vehicles. Some bicyclists are injured off the road, of course, but many are hit by negligent drivers who are either drunk, distracted, going over the speed limit, or simply ignoring their responsibilities behind the wheel. An injured bicyclist may struggle in many ways following a collision, whether they are immobilized for a period of time or the rest of their life, struggle paying hospital costs, or have emotional trauma from the incident. As a result, it is important for bicyclists and drivers to focus on preventing these accidents and understand the magnitude of this problem.

When motorists pass bicycles in a traffic lane

Although bicycles generally move at speeds considerably slower than vehicle traffic on Indiana roadways, cyclists have the right to ride in the vehicle lane, and they are subject to all the rules of vehicle traffic. Motorists who "get stuck" behind a bicycle in traffic may be impatient waiting for a chance to pass. Unfortunately, many of them may attempt to squeeze by when there is traffic in the oncoming lane. This puts the cyclist at high risk for a sideswipe or other collision.