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It may not be easy to get money from a property owner

Some people in Jeffersonville and the other Indiana suburbs of the Louisville area may think that if they get hurt at a store or some other business property, they will automatically have their bills paid.

Such, however, is unfortunately not the case. While some businesses may very nobly do the right thing and pay these expenses without even being asked, others will try to foist the blame right back on the injured victim, even if it is clear that the property of the business was dangerous.

Apartment floor near major campus collapses

A recent college party following a football game left 30 people, all but one of them students, with injuries that required a trip to the hospital. The students suffered these injuries after the floor of the apartment clubhouse where they were dancing suddenly gave way, sending the revelers in to the basement several feet below them.

While all of the victims are expected to survive, six remained hospitalized for several days recovering from their injuries.

Steps to take if you are in an accident in a rental car

Motor vehicle accidents happen all throughout Indiana. In 2016 alone, over 52,000 collisions occurred throughout the state. There had not been that many car accidents in Indiana since 2008. 

Plenty of people around the state rely on rental cars because they come to visit or they need a temporary method of transportation while their regular cars are in an auto shop. Either way, you can still end up in a collision in a rental car, and it is vital to know what steps to take in the aftermath. 

3 things you should know about car insurance before an accident

Car insurance requirements vary from state to state, so it is important you understand the laws before making a move. Indiana requires every driver to maintain a minimum amount of vehicle liability insurance. The requirement ensures that when involved in an accident, regardless of who is at fault, everyone is protected by insurance.

What else should you know about car insurance before an accident?

High schooler on bike struck by car

A student attending a high school in Indiana was struck by a motorist as he was riding near the area high school. The accident happened in the morning hours shortly before classes typically start.

According to reports, the area around the high school is not safe for students. One parent pointed to the fact that there are no crosswalk signals in the area and said that getting across the road can be a lot like playing a video game, except in real life.

Report: Newer cars may cause driver complacency

Many people in Jeffersonville and on the Indiana side of the Ohio River may well buy a new car this year.

While these cars come with a lot of great safety features that were not available to previous generations of car owners, this might not always be a good thing.

Some tactics on social media use after car accidents

One thing that many folks in Jeffersonville forget to exercise caution with after their car accidents is social media. Thanks to technology, it may seem faster and more convenient to inform loved ones about their incidents on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other forms of social media. However, discretion is necessary to prevent issues with the aftermath. 

Discussing details of your accident with others before it reaches a resolution can lead to an unfavorable settlement. Insurance companies use different methods to verify accident claims and minimize settlement payouts. You may think you are not doing any harm by not giving your insurer a statement. But the company could just as easily use what you post online to substantiate or discredit your car accident claim. Consider the following suggestions. 

Automated vehicle technology becoming common in motorcycles

Automated technology is quickly becoming prevalent in cars and trucks. Motorcycles may soon be next. So far, the motorcycle industry has not seen as much advance in automated vehicle technology compared to four-wheel vehicles.

But as scientists develop ever-more-sophisticated automated technology, motorcycle companies are moving to include it in newer models. With motorcycles sales topping 500,000 units per year in the United States, some technology companies motorcycle manufacturers have seen a lucrative opportunity to develop automated technology for motorcycles.

An insurance company may deny your motorcycle injury claim

The goal of an insurance company is to protect its policyholder and part with as little money as possible. In motorcycle accidents, especially, the insurer may either offer a low settlement or deny the claim of a rider altogether, asserting that the motorcyclist was at fault.

Prejudging the rider

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