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Posts tagged "Dog bites and animal attacks"

Infant critically injured when pit bull escapes cage

For many families in Indiana, having a pet is a rewarding experience that is filled with love and memories. However, if certain animals are not adequately trained, are mistreated or are spooked, no matter their background, they could become vicious and pose a threat to anyone in their immediate surrounding. As such, it is imperative that families take extra precautions to train their animals and to educate their children and other visitors about how their pet should be handled. 

What if your dog attacks a trespasser?

Any time that your expecting someone to come onto your property in Jeffersonville, you are likely going to do all that's needed to ensure that you dog behaves or (if your dog has a tendency to be excitable or aggressive) is restrained. Yet what about those situations where one enters your property without your permission. The term "guard dog" implies that people understand that dogs may serve as sentinels over the masters' properties, and that their method of deterring intruders is by attacking. Can you be held liable, then, if your dog is simply acting according to its instinct? 

Understanding the boundaries between children and dogs

You have just bought a rescue dog and are excited to introduce him to your children. You spent a significant period of time doing research on the type of dog you wanted to get. You paid several visits to local shelters to find the perfect dog. You spent time preparing your family for what their responsibilities will be in caring for and loving a dog. At Doane Law Office, LLC, we are aware of the risks of having a pet in Indiana. 

What happens when a nonimmunized pet bites someone?

If you were bit by a rabid animal in Indiana, you may wish to proceed with civil or criminal actions, or both. Know that if you decide to act, the law is on your side. Rabies is a deadly virus that can afflict pets, humans, livestock and other living creatures. For this reason, the state of Indiana requires all owners of cats, dogs and other pets to vaccinate their animals against the rabies virus. Failure to do so cannot only arise in a costly personal injury claim, but it could arise in criminal sanctions as well.

Are there exceptions to dog bite liability?

If you own a dog in Indiana, it is your general responsibility to ensure that dog is not running loose or harming people. If your dog bites someone, you face serious liability and could be sued or even thrown in jail, according to the Indiana General Assembly. You are responsible for any injuries your dog causes if you do not have your dog properly contained and the dog was not provoked in any way.

Animal control takes pit bull after pregnant woman is attacked

While many pet owners in Indiana take precautions to properly train their dogs about how to act around other people and pets, there are times when sudden behavioral changes can create a dangerous situation. Dogs, for whatever reason, may become spooked or irritated at times and become aggressive when their owners least suspect it. There are also dogs that have not been properly trained or have been abused that are running loose but should not be allowed in public places. 

Educating children about how to behave around dogs

Dogs make wonderful pets for many doting families in Indiana, and many people go to great lengths to ensure the comfort of their four-legged friends. However, there are times when unwarranted attention can create danger when a dog is provoked to attack. Often, these situations involve children who may mean well when approaching a dog but end up startling or angering the canine instead. 

Who is liable when a horse kicks?

A friend invited you to his ranch in Indiana to ride horses, and you eagerly accepted. However, before you even got on the horse, it kicked you in the knee, and you ended up needing surgery to repair it. Should the owner have to pay for your medical bills and other financial difficulties you have had?

How can you safely approach a stray dog?

You are enjoying an early morning run at the park in Indiana when out of nowhere, a dog appears. Instinctively, you are probably prone to panic and startle, but as you get closer, it appears as though maybe the dog is lost. Curious as to if you can help the dog find its owner, you want to take a look at his collar. Preparing for these kinds of situations is important to help you stay safe and know how to effectively approach a stray dog without compromising your well-being. 

Physical and emotional trauma children experience from a dog bite

Anyone in Indiana could sustain a dog bite. However, age matters when dealing with the results. According to the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, 10 percent of the wounds that adults suffer from a dog attack are on the head and neck. However, 76 percent of children's bite wounds were to the face and neck, and most of these primarily affected the cheeks, lips and nose.