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Fatal crashes a concern over holidays

For some in Indiana, once Halloween has come and gone, the major autumn and winter holiday season arrives fast. This often brings with it a slew of gatherings with friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers and more. Many of these events require people to travel and the choice to take the journey by car remains a highly popular one across the country. Unfortunately this choice carries with it the risk of being involved in a serious or even fatal motor vehicle accident at a time that should allow people to focus on celebrating.

According to records released by AAA, this Thanksgiving 2017 holiday weekend is expected to see a great number of people take to the open road en route to their get-togethers. In fact, it is believed that the number of people doing so will be a jump by more than three percent over the number of people who took a road trip for Thanksgiving in 2016. Of the appoximately 50 million people who will journey more than 50 miles over the four-day weekend, 90 percent will likely do so by car, pickup truck, sport utility vehicle, minivan or other passenger vehicle.

The United States Department of Transportation has indicated that drunk driving continues to plague the nation throughout the year but especially during holidays and the Thanksgiving holiday weekend is noted as being perhaps the deadliest oe of all. In only five years, the nation saw more than 800 people killed in drunk driving accidents over this particular holiday period.

Indiana residents who experience a crash personally or via a family member this Thanksgiving might want to talk to a lawyer to learn what they can do to get help and compensation.

Source: The Drive, "Thanksgiving is the Deadliest Holiday on U.S. Roads," Kate Gibson, November 17, 2017

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