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Extrovert tendencies can increase the risk of car accidents

When people love talking and hanging out with friends at parties and other social events, chances are they are extroverts. Their personality may give them some impressive qualities that help them network and navigate through life with fewer difficulties. But these characteristics may also put them at a higher risk of car accidents

Many people in the Southern Indiana area have a problem with driving distractions. It can be difficult to ignore these and focus on the roads. As important as it is to drive safely and respond correctly to changing road and traffic conditions, they may give in and text and talk on their cellphones instead of constantly watching the vehicles around them. 

Distractions are an ongoing problem for motorists 

Some people who exhibit extrovert qualities engage in distractions because they believe it is socially acceptable to do so. Others do so out of habit. They may not even realize they drive while distracted. Rummaging in a purse, changing the radio station or even drinking coffee could pull attention from the road. No matter the cause of these distractions, it is important to learn to avoid them and stay calm and fully aware of what is going on inside and outside the vehicle, so they can make the right decisions and prevent critical errors. 

How driving distractions often ruins lives 

Motor vehicle collisions are a leading cause of disability, death and grief for many people. When motorists fail to consider how distractions and their actions behind the wheel put them and others at risk of harm, the victims and their loved ones are often left with emotional, medical and financial burdens that are hard to overcome. Some victims lose their lives. 

People may find it challenging at times to pay attention to the roads, especially when they are feeling tired and bored. They can avoid distractions by making it their personal goal to stay focused on driving. It is important to put safety first and keep distractions to a minimum, not even pulling a cellphone out at a stop sign or red light. If someone must use an electronic device, he or she should pull over somewhere safe.

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