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Why bikers should be wary of distracted drivers

Every time you take to the road on your motorcycle in Indiana, you do so with the expectation that you can share it safely with other motorists. Your bike offers you a lot less protection than cars and trucks. If an accident happens, you could potentially end up with life-threatening injuries. 

Distracted drivers are becoming more of a hazard to bikers. They are not giving the roads or the vehicles around them their full attention. Instead of operating their vehicles safely, they use distractions to maintain some focus while keeping them occupied. This dangerous behavior puts riders at a severe disadvantage while they are on the roads. Here are some ways motorcyclists can avoid distracted motorists. 

Avoid blind spots 

Cars and trucks have areas where visibility is reduced or nonexistent. Bikers should avoid riding too closely behind these vehicles to make it easier for drivers to see them. They should also check the side-view mirrors of the cars and trucks in front of them to see themselves. If they cannot, they should adjust their position on the road to increase their visibility. 

Watch motorist behaviors 

It is not always easy for bikers to look into other vehicles to see if the driver is distracted. Usually, motorists who are not paying full attention to the roads and people around them are using their cellphones, tablets, reaching into bags and messing with dashboard controls. They may drive slower than the speed limit and other drivers. They may also sit longer at intersections, make sudden stops and weave from side-to-side in their lanes. Many distracted motorists break traffic rules and commit all sorts of moving violations. 

When bikers notice vehicles exhibiting some of the aforementioned driving actions, they should give them more room. They should move to another lane and ride a little slower and practice safe riding behaviors to avoid motorcycle crashes. 

Distractions are becoming more common on the road. Bikers can reduce their chances of colliding with distracted drivers by adhering to all traffic laws, safety rules and riding techniques. They should also take refresher riding courses to update their motorcycle-operating skills.

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