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Are pitbulls inherently dangerous?

If you are like most people in Indiana, you have heard more than your fair share of stories about a pitbull attacking a person. In some of the most extreme situations, humans including children and elderly people, have been killed by these dogs. But, is it right for people to think that all pitbulls are bad? How much responsibility does a dog's owner have in these situations?

According to one dog information website, Cesar's way, pit bulls were at once considered some of America's favorite dogs for pets. However, it appears some things started to change in the 1980s and multiple things contributed to this. One of these was the resurgence in dogfighting as an activity. Pitbulls were used and prized specifically for this purpose which naturally would exacerbate any aggressive behaviors.

Another shift was seen in this decade when gang members and people involved in dealing drugs began using pitbulls to guard them or their residences. Again, the negative sides of these dogs were highlighted. In both situations, humans may well have played a big part in creating what has come to be a serious problem today. Whether pitbulls are naturally mean and aggressive or whether it is by design of humans, owners should still be held responsibile for following laws like keeping them on leashes and in yards. 

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to give Indiana residents some ideas about the history of pitbulls and how they came to get their dangerous reputation and whether or not that reputation is accurate.

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