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Pedestrian safety laws in Indiana

Whether walking or running for exercise or simply on foot when going between cars and offices, shops or homes, pedestrians in Indiana must navigate and share the roads with cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles. Every state has its own laws designed to provide appropriate safety for pedestrians while also keeping in mind traffic flow considerations. Knowing the laws in Indiana is important for pedestrians and motorists alike.

As explained by the National Conference of State Legislatures, Indiana does not mandata drivers to stop their vehicles for pedestrians. The state does, however, legally require drivers to cede the right of way to pedestrians in specific situations. These include if the pedestrian is walking toward the direction of the vehicle from the opposing side of the street or if the pedestrian is in the same half of the road as the vehicle at the time. Drivers must also cede the right of way if a traffic sign indicates they are to yield.

The State of Indiana adds that if one vehicle is stopped waiting for a pedestrian to pass in front of it, a driver of another vehicle is not allowed to pass the stopped vehicle as this may pose an undue danger to the person on foot.

Pedestrians who walk or run on streets without sidewalks are allowed to be in the bike lanes or shoulders so long as they remain as far to the side as possible. If they are on roads without bike lanes or shoulders, they should travel in the opposing lane to see oncoming traffic rather than on the right side of the street. 


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