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Bus hits, kills pedestrian

Most Indiana residents take basic actions like crossing the street on foot for granted. These things are in many ways simple and should be easily done. However, because cars can be on the roads at the same time, pedestrians have to be ever aware of the risks they face. Even if a pedestrian is crossing in the location and at the time they should, they can still be struck by vehicles because not all drivers are appropriately aware or safe.

Sadly, one college student who was only 18 years old was recently killed when attempting to cross an intersection in Indianapolis. Reports indicate that the student, who was attending Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, was walking across the street legally and with the full right of way when a school bus hit her. It is not known whether or not the bus driver violated any traffic laws such as failing to abide by traffic signals or speeding although the driver appears to not have ceded appropriate right of way to the pedestrian.

The fatal incident took place early on a Monday afternoon where New York Street meets University Boulevard. The woman was taken to a hospital where she eventually died. No other reports of injuries were made. Details about any potential criminal charges or traffic violations against the driver have not been released.

Family members who lose their loved ones in senseless and preventable accidents in Indiana like this may want to discuss their options for compensation with an attorney.

Source:, "Coroner identifies IUPUI student hit, killed by bus on campus," September 18, 2017, Vi Nguyen

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