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Two children killed, mother injured in bizarre wreck

When most people in Indiana think about car crashes they might think about things like a rear-end fender bender that occurs because someone is driving too close to someone else and cannot stop in time. Making a turn in front of another car without sufficient time to complete it may also be a typical type of accident that people think of. However, some wrecks are so odd that they are definitely not the first thing that would come to one's mind.

These odd accidents, sadly, can have results just as tragic as any other. A recent crash in Clinton County provides a good example of this. One woman was airlifted to the hospital for treatment, three children were treated for injuries that were not life threatening and two other children were killed. All of this happened when a driver who was only 17 years old plowed through the walls and into the living room of a family home.

So far investigators have indicated they believe the driver was going about 80 miles per hour at the time. It is also suspected that she may have been under the influence of drugs. Some criminal charges have been filed but more could be added and the driver may be prosecuted as an adult. It is not known yet if a civil lawsuit may also be filed.

When Indiana residents experience serious losses and injuries due to others' negligence, talking with an attorney may help them understand their options for compensation.

Source:, "Sisters Killed While Watching TV When Car Crashes Into Indiana Home at 80 MPH," July 16, 2017

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