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Potential drunk driver kills self, two passengers

When hearing reports about accidents involving semi trucks or other large commercial vehicles in Indiana, it is understandable that people's minds might initially think that the responsibility for the accident be with the driver of the truck. Trucker fatigue among other factors may well contribute to some dangers indeed.

However, not every accident involving a semi truck is caused by the negligence of the trucker. Some of the time, it may well be the actions of another driver that lead to a crash. An example of a wreck in which this may well be the case can be seen in a recent incident that took place in the early morning hours in Newton. A semi truck was travelling east along Indiana 10 when the driver reportedly slowed down as the truck approached an intersection.

While it would be expected that any vehicle behind the truck would also slow down, a small pickup failed to slow down enough and instead drove straight into the semi. Reports suggest that impairment may be a factor in this crash that actually killed not only the driver of the pickup but also the two passengers inside. Details about any potential distraction, speed or other factors that may have contributed to the wreck are not yet known. The semi truck driver is said to have been uninjured in the incident.

People who lose their loved ones in accidents caused by drunk drivers, distracted drivers or others acting in negligent ways when behind the wheel might find it useful to talk with an attorney to understand how to seek compensation.

Source: NWI Times, "3 killed in crash involving pickup, semi in Newton County," June 30, 2017

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