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Seven people taken to hospital after serious crash

Even when an accident is only a minor fender bender and no people are injured, Indiana residents can find it difficult to work effectively with insurance companies to process claims and ensure that their rights are properly protected. As accidents become more complex with either greater amounts of damage, the inclusion of physical injuries or even death to people and perhaps more than one or two vehicles involved, the challenges only escalate.

A recent accident in Indianapolis on a stretch of roadway known for danger and crashes may end up causing many hassles for the motorists involved who will need to look to insurance companies for help. Early reports indicate that crash investigators and law enforcement officers admit to being unsure of exactly what transpired and how such a mess came to happen. The incident involved multiple vehicles although exactly how many cars or other vehicles were involved is not known.

In addition to vehicles being found smashed up, rolled over, with missing parts and more, one person had to be forcible extricated from a vehicle and others were found laying in nearby patches of grass or even in the road. A total of seven people, children as well as adults, required treatment at a hospital.

Certainly tending to injuries after any crash is always the priority but once that has been done, Indiana residents must focus on how to receive the right compensation from the right parties. When this appears difficult, talking to an attorney may give people a good idea of how to proceed.

Source:, "'Violent' multi-vehicle accident on north side injures 7," Juen 17, 2017

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