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Speeding car driven by teen flips, kills two including self

Indiana residents know that teenage drivers may be impulsive at times and that they may not always make the best decisions when behind the wheel of a vehicle. Parents and others on the road may do their best to teach their kids about the importance of driving safely but ultimately the decision is up to the teen when they are actively driving as to how they choose to drive. 

Sadly, some young drivers make the choice to drive recklessly, even with their friends as passengers in their cars at the time. That is the decision that one teen appears to have made recently in Indianapolis. On a Tuesday night, the driver who was 17 years old is believed to have been chasing after another vehicle along Interstate 70. As such, he was driving at a high rate of speed although reports did not indicate an exact speed in miles per hour.

For some reason, perhaps in an effort to leave the freeway, the teen maneuvered out of the left lane. In the proces, his sport utility vehicle flipped and eventually came to rest on the shoulder in an area with grass. There were four other people in the vehicle. One passenger who was 18 years old died at the scene of the crash. The other passengers and the driver were taken to a hospital where the driver eventually died as well.

Indiana families who must receive the tragic news that their teen has been killed or injured in a vehicle accident caused by another person may want to reach out to an attorney to learn about options for compensation.

Source: Indy Star, "2 killed, 3 hurt in I-70 crash," Holly V. Hays and Vic Ryckaert, April 19, 2017

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