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Slip-and-fall accidents happen in summer too

When you picture a slip-and-fall accident, you might envision icy conditions, such a section of sidewalk frosted by snow. However, many slip-and-fall accidents occur at other times of the year, not only in the winter.

Falls in the summer can be just as harmful, leading to back problems, brain injuries or other health consequences. Here is a look at some common summertime scenarios.

Where there is a pool

Where there is a pool, there will likely be wet areas. Many hotels, for example, have outside pools with guests continually going in and out during the day. As a result, the main floor of the hotel and the elevator may frequently be wet. Slip-and-falls can happen to adults and children right next to pools, too.

Where winter left its mark

Winter leaves its mark in many ways. Sidewalks become cracked, roads develop potholes and outdoor staircases might weaken. Any of these conditions can lead to a slip-and-fall. Even a light bulb that burned out during winter and was not replaced could cause someone to trip.

Where there has been mopping

Yellow “caution” signs are commonplace in establishments such as restaurants, warning people to stay away from or to take care on wet flooring. However, not every place or every worker remembers to put up these signs. Hence, a slip-and-fall can be more likely to occur.

Summertime slip and falls also happen on boat docks and when things fall on people from above, such as at a busy store. In short, while ice and snow are not problems in the summer, people do more swimming and other water-based activities that carry their share of risk. In addition, businesses and private residents do not always take the proper precautions, such as posting “Wear proper footwear and do not run” signs outside and inside.

Though summer vacation can be fun, it is not guaranteed to be accident-free. An attorney may be able to help if you have been injured in a fall.

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