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Safe bicycle riding tips

May is National Bike Month and as the weather improves and people get excited for summer, it is no wonder that more bicyclists are seen around Indiana. Whether on designated bike paths or on city streets, staying safe should always be a priority for anyone on a bike.

According to the National Safety Council, bicycling's popularity may well have its downside. In 2015 alone, more than 1,100 bicyclists are said to have been killed in accidents with motor vehicles. In addition, more than 480,000 other people required treatment in an emergency room for a bicycle accident and related injuries. While wearing a helmet may understandably be one of the first recommendations given for people to learn how to stay safe, there are other important tips to know as well.

Being seen may be one of the best things for a person on a bike. That means wearing reflective gear or brightly colored clothing so that drivers are more apt to see you. The use of a horn or a bell on your bike also gives you the chance to be noticed by sound if you need to alert a driver to your presence. Care should be taken as you ride next to parked cars so that you pay attention to doors that may be opened in front of you.

If you would like to get more advice or tips about staying safe while riding a bicycle when having to share the road with cars and other vehicles, please feel free to visit the bicyclist's page of our Indiana personal injury website.

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