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Indiana ranked number eight for dog bite claims by State Farm

Many people in Indiana have dogs as pets and know the love and bond that these animals can share with their human companions. Sadly, however, there are many times when a dog ends up causing harm, not joy, to a person. When a dog attacks a person without provocation, the trauma that can be experienced is great. Serious injury and even death can and does occur from these situations. 

To get a sense of how serious the problem of dog attacks really is, one can look at insurance claim data. In 2016 alone, State Farm insurance made payments for 3,660 dog bite claims. In total, these claims amounted to $121 million. That represented an increase of 15 percent over the prior year. In the span of a decade, the company has paid out more than one billion dollars to people for dog bites.

On the 2016 list of top 10 states for dog bite claims for State Farm is Indiana in the number eight position. Costing the company three million dollars, there were 137 such claims in the state last year. Neighboring Ohio was in fifth place in 2015 but moved up to third place in 2016 with 211 claims adding up to a total of $7.5 million.

Clearly dog attacks can be grave and people who are injured or who lose family members in these terrible and senseless incidents might be able to learn how to seek compensation by talking with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Source:, "Ohio, Indiana listed among State Farm's top 10 states for dog-related injury claims," May 2, 2017

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