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Indianapolis in top 10 for dog bites of mail carriers

Indiana residents should always be aware of the risk that a dog may pose to them. Even a dog enthusiast can still be attacked by an aggressive dog that is not properly trained or controlled by its owner. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control indicates that children between the ages of five and nine tend to be primary targets of dog bites. Additionally, roughly 20 percent of dog bites lead to infections.

Mail carriers have historically been known to need to be cautious around dogs when delivering letters and parcels. Recently released information by the U.S. Postal Service shows that the number of its carriers attacked by dogs in 2016 outnumbered those in 2015 by more than 200. In 2016, there were a reported 6,755 such attacks.

While Los Angeles led the way as the city with the most dog attacks on letter carriers, Indianapolis and many cities in the region were on the top 10 list. Indianapolis held the number nine spot with 44 attacks. Cleveland and Louisville were both in the top five with 60 and 51 bites, respectively. In Detroit, 48 carriers were attacked by dogs while on the job and in Chicago 46 postal carriers found themselves attacked. Minneapolis rounded out the top 10 with 43 total dog attacks on carriers.

Regardless of profession or situation, anyone who is attacked by a vicious dog deserves help. Talking to an attorney may shed light on the best ways to seek justice and compensation after being bitten by a dog.

Source:, "Postal Service Reports Increase In Dog Attacks On Letter Carriers," Laurel Wamsley, April 7, 2017

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