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Safety tips for pedestrians

At some point, any Indiana resident may find himself or herself as a pedestrian among moving vehicles. Whether running or walking for exercise or simply walking from a car across a parking lot or a street to a building, navigating traffic comes with a natural set of risks.

While it would be nice to think that all drivers would be aware of pedestrians and appropriately yield right of way to them, that simply does not happen. For this reason, the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center recommends that people on foot take extra precautions to keep themselves safe. At a minimum this may include wearing brightly colored clothing or reflective gear, especially in dim lighting or when dark. This may also be beneficial when weather conditions reduce visibility.

The AAA Exchange advises pedestrians to reduce their own distractions so that they are more apt to see or hear potential dangers before a problem happens. This means putting away the phone or not wearing headphones that prevent a pedestrian from hearing traffic. When traffic is around, pedestrians should try to make eye contact with drivers to enhance their safety and make sure drivers see them.

If no sidewalk is present, it is preferable that pedestrians walk on the opposite side of a street facing oncoming traffic. Again, the concept here is to increase visibility to drivers. Flashlights, headlamps or other lights are always helpful. Some people may think these are only useful so pedestrians can see where they are going but these lights also bring attention to them so drivers are more likely to see them.


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