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License plates part of anti-distracted driving campaign

Indiana residents who have smartphones may know that the urge to check a text or make a call while driving can be real. However, this is an extremely dangerous thing. Even people who say they know better sometimes look at their phones when behind the wheel. Some reports indicate as many as 57 percent of people have done this. 

In Indiana, new concerns for workers involved in the completion of a toll road expected to open this summer by the fourth of July holiday has given rise to a concerted effort to cut down on distracted driving on area roads. Workers notice many drivers looking at phones as they move through the construction zone, putting workers at risk. The Indiana State Police suggest that there may be as many as 40,000 crashes in the United States each year attributed to distracted driving.

The state is offering drivers the chance to purchase license plates that promote putting down the phone. These are available from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Also happening are signs or other messages in the construction zone reminding people to help keep workers safe.

When an accident happens due to the decision of a driver to read or send a text, make a social media post or do something else on a phone when actively driving, those involved deserve help. Talking with a lawyer may give Indiana residents a good idea of how they may pursue compensation.

Source: WNDU, "Indiana Toll Road asks drivers to 'Put the Phone Down'," Travis Robinson, February 27, 2017

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