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Drivers unsure about self-driving technology

If you have been shopping for a new car or other passenger vehicle in Indiana lately, you may have noticed some self-driving features available depending upon the model of vehicle you were looking at. More and more new cars are coming equipped with these features like parking assistance or emergency braking. At the same time, fully autonomous vehicles are getting closer to being on the road with human-driven vehicles. Just how safe will this be?

A study by AAA shows that in general there remains a lot of hesitation and even fear among most American drivers at the thought of sharing the road with or riding in fully self-driving vehicles. When asked about their level of comfort of riding in a fully autonomous vehicle, people in all generations including the generally technology savvy millennials were hesitant. Seventy-three percent of millennials, 75 percent of Generation Xers and 85 percent of baby boomers all said they would be concerned about their safety if riding in such a vehicle.

Respondents were also asked to rate their level of comfort sharing the road with fully autonomous vehicles. The comfort there was greater but still not resounding in favor of self-driving cars. Forty-one percent of millennials, 56 percent of Generation Xers and 60 percent of baby boomers said they would feel less safe if self-driving cars were on the road with them than without.

If you would like to learn more about getting help after a vehicle accident regardless of the type of vehicle involved, please feel free to visit the crash compensation page of our Indiana personal injury website.

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