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Police officer faces misdemeanors for drunk driving

Indiana residents should be able to go about their daily lives and feel safe when they are along local streets or highways whether as motorists, passengers, bicyclists or pedestrians. However, there continue to be too many people out there who make poor choices that endanger innocent citizens. Distracted drivers, fatigued drivers and drunk drivers are just some of the people who post serious risks to Indianans everywhere.

There are many stereotypes about the profile of a drunk driver. A police officer is not generally among those but, as is common, the stereotype is not always accurate. In December of 2016, a 40-year-old officer with the Richmond Police Department was charged with drunk driving. The charge stemmed from an incident that actually took place in the autumn. On a Friday evening, the man is said to have hit multiple objects without stopping until his vehicle finally rolled over and came to a stop.

While the officer himself experienced a head injury, reports do not indicate that anyone else was injured making this a fortunate case in that way. It does, however, highlight the ongoing danger created by drunk drivers. The man's blood alcohol content was reported to be 0.12 percent. He has been charged with two misdemeanors in the case and has been put on leave from his job during the investigation.

People in Indiana who are involved in accidents caused by a drunk driver or other negligent driver might find it helpful to learn about compensation options from an attorney.

Source: Pal-Item, "Richmond officer charged with drunken driving," Mike Emery, Dec. 20, 2016

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