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Indiana's dog bite laws

Have you or someone you know been attacked by an aggressive or uncontrolled dog without provocation? If so, you will want to know how the state of Indiana handles such situations and what type of compensation you may be legally entitled to.

The Indiana Code makes it clear that dog owners may face criminal prosecution if their dogs injure or kill people depending upon the circumstances. If a dog attack results in death and the owner is said to have consciously failed to prevent the attack by restraining the dog, the owner could be charged wiht a Level 5 felony. If the owner's lack of ability to restrain the dog was not intention but was reckless and death results, the charge may be a Level 6 felony.

For dog bites that result in injury not death, misdemeanor charges may apply. Depending upon the circumstances, a person could be charged with a Class A, Class B or a Class C misdemeanor. In all cases, the lack of reasonably trying to hold the dog back or the dog venturing onto property not owned by the dog owner are part of what determines criminal charges. If no prior charges are on record, the offense would be a Class A misdemeanor. If one prior offense is on record, it would be Class B and then Class C misdemeanor charges apply if two or more prior offenses are on record.

If you would like to learn more about Indiana's laws on dog bites, please feel free to visit the canine liability law page of our Indiana personal injury website.

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