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January 2017 Archives

Three types of driver distrations

If you are like most people in Indiana, the concept of distracted driving is no longer new to you. More and more has been said and learned about this in recent years as technology has crept more and more into every facet of people's lives. While there are benefits to having access to a phone while away from home, work or school, there are clear risks that this poses as well. Understanding the laws in Indiana and really what can be considered distraction is important.

Auto fatalities jump in Indiana 2014 to 2015

Have you ever been involved in a car accident in Indiana or know someone who has? It would not be surprising as sadly it seems that crashes are something that every driver should expect to experience in some form at some time. Whether a minor fender bender or a serious injury or fatality accident, these incidents can wreck havoc on people's lives, causing emotional, physical and financial trauma. And, data shows that from 2014 to 2015 the number of fatalities in automotive crashes in Indiana jumped significantly.

Teach your kids safety tips for walking near and across roads

According to Indiana crash reports from 2012, 64 pedestrians were killed in vehicle accidents that year. The road should be a safe place but tragedies happen. No parent would ever want their child to become one of the victims of a pedestrian accident.

Police officer faces misdemeanors for drunk driving

Indiana residents should be able to go about their daily lives and feel safe when they are along local streets or highways whether as motorists, passengers, bicyclists or pedestrians. However, there continue to be too many people out there who make poor choices that endanger innocent citizens. Distracted drivers, fatigued drivers and drunk drivers are just some of the people who post serious risks to Indianans everywhere.