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Dog breeds known for potential danger

Have you or someone you know been attacked by a dog without provocation? Whether on leashes, in fenced yards, supervised or otherwise, dogs can behave unpredictably at times. These incidents may just well result in injuries or even death to humans. Just what breeds of dogs are most apt to be involved in attacks? What might make a dog attack a person?

According to Lifestyle9, the lack of proper training and socialization can be a contributing factor to a dog's aggression. No matter the breed or size of dog, a little training can go a long way toward creating a temperment that is acceptable in social situations. Even a labrador retriever can do things a person would not like if not trained well.

Certainly most people are aware that pitbulls are known to be potentially dangerous to people but this is far and away not the only such breed that you should be cautious of. When around other dogs you do not know, always take care to assess the behavior or ask the owner before approaching the animal. Huskies, Alaskan malamutes, rottweilers, German shepherds and chow chows are other dog breeds that have been reported to be involved in attacks on people. Doberman pinschers, akitas, great Danes and boxers round out a set of 10 breeds that may bite humans.

If you would like to learn more about what to do after a dog bite or attack, please feel free to visit the pet attack page of our Indiana personal injury website.

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