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Man killed while moving disabled vehicle off road

For Indiana residents, the upcoming holiday season can be a deadly time on the road as drunk driving can sometimes become an even bigger danger at this time of year. However, there continue to be problems presented on areas roads by negligent drivers who choose to get behind the wheel of vehicles after consuming alcohol all year long. This means that every day, Indianans are at risk of injury or death due to the actions and choices of these people.

A 23-year-old man is one of the state's most recent people to die at the hands of a drunk driver. The man was reported to have been moving his vehicle off of the road while he was struck and killed by another vehicle. The driver that hit the man is said to have kept driving and left the scene of the accident but was later found by authorities. It is not know how far away the at-fault driver was when finally apprehended.

After being found, the 62-year-old woman was transported to a hospital where a blood sample was taken. She was subsequently charged with an impaired driving offense and not stopping for a fatal accident. Her blood alcohol content was not released. Authorities are said to be seeking witnesses to the incident.

Anyone who loses a loved one in a senseless crash like this deserves help. Talking to an attorney after this type of tragedy may be very helpful and offer insights into how compensation may be pursued.

Source: Indy Star, "Pedestrian killed in hit-and-run with suspected drunken driver," Justin L. Mack, Oct. 31, 2016

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