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Elderly woman suffers broken bones from pit bull attack

Many Indiana residents cherish their four-legged family members, especially dogs. Known for their companionship, dogs can indeed be loyal and loving pets. They can also, however, be very dangerous animals. Despite what some want to believe, certain dog breeds seem more prone to exhibiting vicious behavior and attacking innocent people even when not provoked.

Pit bulls have for several years been one of the breeds identified as highly aggressive and involved in many an attack. In Carroll County last year, two women were attacked by a group of four pit bulls together. More recently, an elderly woman was mauled by a pitbull also in Carroll County. Thanks to the quick actions and response of a trucker in the area, she was able to survive the attack.

Her bruised legs and broken bones serve as quite the reminder from her attack that took place while she innocently was on her way to get her mail. After not having an animal control group for eight years, the county is expecting to reinstate that department in 2017, in part because of the severity of injuries and results that people have experienced from dog attacks. In the case of the older woman, the dog's owner has been ticketed. It is not known where the owner was at the time or why the dog was able to attack the woman.

Anyone who is injured by a dog might find it helpful to talk with an attorney to learn what types of compensation may be available.

Source: Fox 59, "Carroll County woman, 76, recovering after dog attack" Lindsey Eaton, Nov. 3, 2016

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