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Holding animal owners liable after an attack

Today, it is very common for Indiana resident to own pets or frequently interact with others that have pets. While domestic animals such as cats and dogs provide companionship for their owners, pet ownership comes with much responsibility. This goes beyond taking care of and meeting the basic of the animal. This means ensuring that the animal is safe on the owner's premises and does not cause injury or harm to anyone coming in contact with them.

Dog provide much joy and companionship, and whether you are a dog owner or not, it is likely that you will be compelled to pet the dog being walked in a residential area, playing at the park or at the home you are visiting. While a dog will likely respond positively and friendly, this might not always be the cause. In fact, a dog might display aggressive behaviors and even bite or attack a person whether he or she is a stranger or not.

Being bit or attacked by a dog can be a shocking and emotional experience, and at the Doane Law Office, LLC, our legal team is devoted to helping animal bite victims. The aftermath of a dog bite could be catastrophic. A victim could suffer skin, muscle and bone damage, resulting in serious pain and even disfigurement. Such an injury is likely to require much medical treatment, surgery and rehabilitation.

Our attorneys understand how an animal attack could turn even the biggest animal lover into a person fearful of any animal they could come in contact with. The emotional and mental damage could be severe and long lasting; therefore, victims will like require various types of therapy and treatment to help them after the attack.

Whether or not a dog or animal owner knew of the dangerous or aggressive propensities of their pet, our legal team is dedicated to holding animal owners liable for the actions of their pets. Our knowledgeable attorneys have the skills and resources necessary to recovery the information required to prove fault.

To learn more, check out our animal bites website. No one ever expects to be harmed by a domestic animal, but the truth is that animals can be unpredictable. Therefore, if an animal owner fails to take reasonable care to avoid such an attack, he or she could be held responsible for the damages and injuries caused by an attack.

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