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Wrong-way driving leads to Indiana car accident deaths

Wrong-way driving presents a tremendous hazard for Indiana drivers. Negligent drivers who drive illegally against the flow of traffic on highways and access ramps can cause dangerous head-on collisions.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, though collisions that occur due to a driver driving the wrong way on a highway or ramp are relatively rare, they can lead to major accidents with serious consequences. The average number of fatalities stemming from wrong-way accidents is more than 300 annually.

Most wrong-way collisions occur over the weekend and at night. Alcohol has been found to be a primary cause of wrong-way collisions, with over 60 percent of drivers involved in wrong-way collisions illegally impaired by alcohol. The accidents commonly occur in the lane closest to the median and most wrong-way driving begins when drivers enter exit ramps by mistake.

The NTSB would like to reduce the prevalence of wrong-way driving through better design of traffic control devices to clearly distinguish entrance and exit ramps, such as via roadway markings, roadway lighting and clearer signage. Additionally, the NTSB points to navigation system alerts as a potential way to alert drivers that they are driving the wrong way and, therefore, ultimately increase safety for all drivers on the road.

Nonetheless, despite any safety precautions that may be put in place, there will always be negligent drivers who make serious mistakes on the road that can lead to major car accidents. An Indiana resident who has been injured due to the negligence of a wrong-way driver, or a family who has lost a loved one in such a tragic accident, may wish to speak with an attorney to discuss possible options for financial recovery.

Source: National Transportation Safety Board, "Wrong Way Driving," accessed May 6, 2016

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