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What documents should I gather after my Indiana car accident?

Victims of Indiana car accidents may know how to seek medical attention following an accident, whether by calling 9-1-1 or making a doctor's appointment, and they may know the best course of action to take to obtain car repairs. They may not, however, be familiar with how to proceed legally if they wish to pursue a lawsuit against a negligent driver. A person who has been involved in an accident may wish to meet with an attorney to discuss his or her options, and it can be helpful to know how best to prepare for such a meeting.

An attorney will want to learn as much as possible about an accident, and, therefore, will likely want to review any documentation related to the accident itself. For example, a person should bring in any information exchanged with witnesses or those involved in an accident to any meeting with his or her attorney. If a car accident victim was given a ticket by police, he or she should be sure to provide this information to the attorney as well. Additionally, a person should give his or her attorney an accident report, if provided by the police, as an accident investigation report can reveal useful information. Photographs of any damage to a victim's vehicle can also be helpful.

Insurance information, such as evidence of premium payments and a copy of a person's insurance policy, can also prove valuable when a person meets with his or her attorney following an accident. If a person sought medical treatment following an accident, medical records can provide helpful information as an injured Indianan discusses the details of an accident with his or her attorney.

These are just some examples of documents that may be useful following an accident; additional documentation may be necessary. An injured Indianan should not worry if he or she does not have all of this documentation immediately following an accident, however, as an attorney may be able to provide assistance in obtaining appropriate documentation.

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