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Indiana attorney advocates for animal bite victims

The immediate aftermath of an animal bite may be terrifying for an Indiana victim. He or she will likely be frightened and in need of medical attention. After the initial shock has worn off and a person has received proper medical attention, he or she may consider legal action. As this blog reported in a previous post, a variety of different types of damages may be available for a person who has been attacked by an animal.

In order to obtain compensation for the injuries a person has suffered, a victim may benefit from legal counsel. Doane Law Office, LLC is experienced in helping clients who have suffered personal injury due to a dog bite injury or other animal bite injury. Whether a victim is a child or an adult, Doane Law Office, LLC has offered clients personalized attention following traumatic animal attacks.

In Indiana, a pet owner has the responsibility to control his or her animal. Failure to do so can mean that a pet owner may be held liable for a person's injury if an animal attacks. Doane Law Office, LLC has experience pursuing claims against negligent pet owners in order to obtain the compensation that a victim rightfully deserves.

Doane Law Office, LLC recognizes that after an animal attack, a person may not only have medical expenses, but may also be experiencing lost wages and have rehabilitation needs. The firm has sought compensation for clients for pain and suffering, plus other costs that have arisen following animal attacks. For additional information about how Doane Law Office, LLC can assist an animal bite victim, please visit our webpage.

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