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Crash victims file premises liability suit after music festival

Indiana residents may envision a music festival as an event at which attendees can hear live music, enjoy good company and have a fun time. They likely do not envision an event at which attendees may be hit by a car in the middle of a crowd while enjoying the festivities.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to multiple people at the popular South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas. Two of the injured festival attendees are now suing the driver of the vehicle, the person who lent him the vehicle, the organizers of the South by Southwest Music Festival, and the city on the basis of gross negligence and premises liability.

The plaintiffs were injured when the driver of a vehicle drove the wrong way down a street as he was fleeing police. He drove onto a street that had been barricaded for the music festival, and struck numerous people, including the plaintiffs, and vehicles. Tragically, four people died in this incident.

The plaintiffs are seeking damages of up to $1 million for their lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering. One victim suffering a sprained leg, a concussion and the dislocation of two front teeth. The other victim experienced back pain, scrapes, as well as a concussion.

The victims of this terrible accident have likely had their lives turned upside down following what was supposed to be a fun social event. While a damages award in this lawsuit will not reverse the physical and emotional damage that has been done, any compensation awarded may allow them to pay their medical expenses and begin to put their lives back together.

Source:, "Two injured in 2014 SXSW crash sue Owens, city, festival organizers," Katie Urbaszewski, Jan. 21, 2016

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