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How can motorcyclists prevent motorcycle accidents?

In recent years, the number of fatalities from motorcycle crashes has declined, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association. However, despite this good news, motorcycle accidents, and their attendant injuries and fatalities, continue in Indiana and nationwide. Therefore, it is essential for motorcyclists to know how best to prevent collisions when they are on the road.

Vehicle drivers who are involved in a motorcycle collision often claim that they did not see a motorcycle when they pulled in front of a biker. The liability in such a situation may lie with the vehicle driver for his or her failure to yield. Nonetheless, motorcyclists should consider ways they can promote their own safety on the road with the goal of avoiding accidents entirely.

Passing can create a dangerous situation for motorcyclists and vehicles alike. Motorcyclists may be able to prevent accidents if they both check their rear view mirror and ensure the vehicle they are passing is a safe distance away when they are passing. Additionally, before a pass, a motorcyclist ought to signal his or her intention to turn and check for any oncoming traffic.

A properly equipped motorcyclist can also prevent injuries by wearing a helmet, as well as closed-toe footwear, eyewear and proper protective clothing. Motorcyclists' headlights and taillights can increase visibility for other drivers in dark conditions or inclement weather.

Vehicle drivers should also take precautions on their part to prevent accidents. Providing motorcyclists with plenty of room to maneuver can help prevent dangerous collisions, particularly in areas that have railroad crossings or potholes. Additionally, vehicles and motorcycles should never share a lane.

Despite their best precautions, motorcyclists may still find themselves the victims of motorcycle accidents. A motorcycle accident victim may wish to seek legal counsel to discuss his or her rights and options for recovery.

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