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January 2016 Archives

Property conditions affect premises liability cases in Indiana

Premises liability turns on the idea that when a person enters another's property, he or she may reasonably expect that he or she will not become injured. In Indiana this concept means that a property owner has a responsibility to maintain an environment that is relatively safe. When a person becomes injured on another's Indiana property, however, many questions may arise, particularly if an injury stems from dangerous cold weather conditions.

How can motorcyclists prevent motorcycle accidents?

In recent years, the number of fatalities from motorcycle crashes has declined, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association. However, despite this good news, motorcycle accidents, and their attendant injuries and fatalities, continue in Indiana and nationwide. Therefore, it is essential for motorcyclists to know how best to prevent collisions when they are on the road.

Indiana attorney advocates for bicycle accident victims

With the holiday season behind us, many Indiana families may be enjoying new gifts. For some families, this may include a new bicycle. Bikes can provide hours of entertainment and exercise for children and adults alike. Unfortunately, however, they also may pose the risk of bicycle accidents, particularly for children, as this blog reported in a previous post.