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December 2015 Archives

Can spinal cord injuries result from motorcycle accidents?

Due to the very nature of riding a motorcycle - out in the open, unprotected by a large vehicle - Indiana motorcyclists face the risk of dangerous accidents. The sudden impact of a motorcycle accident may lead to crushing and catastrophic injuries. One of the most serious injuries associated with motorcycle accidents is that of a spinal cord injury.

Bicycle accidents pose risks for Indiana children

It is a rite of passage as a child in Indiana to learn how to ride a bike. Fun for all ages, bike riding is a simple joy that may be done alone or in a group. Despite the fun they bring, bicycles inevitably pose the risk of dangerous bicycle accidents. Bicyclists are at a higher risk of suffering injuries and deaths from crashes than those in motor vehicles.

Hazardous winter conditions abound in Indiana

It is the season for more than just holiday parties and gift giving. Unfortunately, it may also be the season for outdoor hazards that lead to slip-and-fall accidents. It is important for Indiana residents to know what types of dangerous property conditions to be on the lookout for as the weather turns colder.

Who is responsible if a dog bites me in Indiana?

People often keep dogs as pets because they enjoy their company, and, typically, dogs are friendly animals. Sometimes, however, a dog may lash out and bite someone, causing both emotional and physical damage. Who, then, is responsible in the event a dog attacks an Indiana resident?

Pedestrians injured in Indiana hit-and-run accident

Despite the presumed safety of an area surrounding an Indiana pedestrian bridge, two pedestrians were injured by a driver in an accident while walking near the bridge recently. The accident, a hit and run, created a great deal of pandemonium, leading other observers to scream and yell at the vehicle as it left the scene of the accident.