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Explaining the principle of negligent entrustment

Every year countless new drivers are introduced onto Jeffersonville's roads. Ultimately, these new motorists will hopefully gain the experience needed to consistently navigate those roads safely while behind the wheel. Yet after being first introduced to driving, new motorists (especially teens) tend to exhibit many of the risk factors that contribute to car accidents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists some of those to be speeding, driving at odd hours and operating vehicles while intoxicated. Its data shows teens as being among those age groups more likely to engage in such behavior. 

Those involved in accidents that teens cause may end up facing inordinate expenses that may prompt them to seek added compensation. However, teens often do not have the resources to help victims in these cases. Fortunately, a legal principle exists known as "negligent entrustment." It allows accidents victims to assign liability to those who entrusted reckless drivers with their vehicles. 

How common are fatal pedestrian accidents?

Pedestrian accidents happen in all sorts of ways and we have written about some on this blog. For example, a person may be hit by a vehicle while trying to help a stranded motorist or a pedestrian might be struck by a car while they are trying to cross the street. Sadly, some drivers simply do not pay attention to pedestrians or keep a close watch on the road when they drive, which puts lives at risk. In Indiana, and across the rest of the country, many lives are lost each year due to pedestrian accidents and it is vital for everyone to realize just how widespread these fatal incidents are.

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration reports that more than 4,700 people passed away in fatal pedestrian accidents during 2013. To look at these upsetting statistics in another way, a pedestrian's life was lost in an accident each two hours in 2013. Even when pedestrians do not pass away in an accident, they may become injured and face a difficult path forward. Estimates from 2013 show that 66,000 people were hurt in pedestrian accidents during that year alone and the injuries inevitably made life very challenging for many of the victims.

Reviewing other types of animal attacks

When people hear about an animal attack, many are likely to assume that the incident involved a vicious dog. While dog bites are indeed a common cause of animal attacks and a major concern, it is important to bear in mind that other types of animals are also responsible for attacking innocent people. For example, someone may be bitten by a pet snake, clawed in the face by someone's cat, or even attacked by an exotic animal that someone owns. If you have been attacked by someone's pet that should have been restrained or are suffering because of a pet owner's negligence, you should not give up or think that you have no options without first reviewing your situation.

These other types of animal attacks can make life very tough for victims. Permanent scars are common, which can be unsightly and also serve as a reminder of an attack that never should have happened. In some cases, people may need to be hospitalized due to an infection or for some other reason related to the attack. Moreover, these incidents can also leave victims with a considerable amount of emotional distress. Some may not be able to enjoy walking down the street or participating in certain activities that they used to love as a direct result of the animal attack.

Reviewing other bike accident consequences

When a bicyclist is struck by a vehicle, the suffering brought on by the accident may disrupt their lives and those who are close to them. People often recognize that the loss of life and serious injuries are an unfortunate aspect of bike wrecks. However, it is also vital to keep in mind the other consequences that victims may face. If you were hit by a car while riding your bike, you could be going through these difficulties on a personal level.

Bike accidents can scar victims in different ways. Sometimes, these accidents bring on mental suffering, such as an inability to ride a bicycle again or flashbacks. Someone may also have their dreams crushed, as an accident interferes with their ability to compete in a race. In terms of personal finance, these accidents can also be very hard for victims. For example, a crash may leave someone with hospital bills, or a family with funeral costs that they are not sure how to pay. Being unable to work can also result in financial challenges.

Drunk driver kills two, injures two others

As residents in Indiana should be able to enjoy the days leading up to Christmas knowing this time of year offers them special time with friends and family. Sadly at too many holiday gatherings people choose to drink alcoholic beverages and then drive themselves home instead of identifying a designated driver or using ride hailing services or public transportation. This seemingly simple decision puts far too many innocent people in harm's way for no reason.

Such is the case for one teenage girl and her grandparents. The girl, who is 17 years old, was driving a vehicle with her grandfather and grandmother in it when they were suddenly struck by an oncoming vehicle that crossed over into their lane just four days before Christmas. The driver of the wrong-way vehicle was later discovered to have a blood alcohol level of 0.117 percent, more than 0.03 percent higher than the legal limit for intoxication.

Common injuries you may develop in a car accident

Many people in Jeffersonville do not realize how dangerous and life-changing car accidents can be until they are in one. On television and in the movies, car accident injuries are often glamorized and made to seem less significant than they are in real life. As a result, many people may have the conception that they can easily bounce back after a collision, no matter how minor or major it is. 

To better explain how challenging recovering from a car accident is, here are some common types of injuries a victim may sustain after a motor vehicle collision

How serious is distracted driving?

Like most residents in Indiana, you have likely heard and read many things espousing the dangers of distracted driving but you may wonder just how much of a problem this really is. Forbes provides details from a study conducted by Consumer Reports that provides some insight into this. The results are startling indeed and confirm that much work is needed to convince drivers, auto manufacturers and lawmakers alike that more help is needed to reduce the risk associated with distracted driving.

More than 600 drivers were surveyed and more than half admitted to some form of distracted driving. These drivers also admitted to knowing their behavior was wrong yet that they continued regardless. One concern this survey raised was how many people actually made choices to drive while distracted but were not willing to admit doing so. Of those who did admit, the types of distractions were varied.

Are bicycle lanes safer than vehicle lanes?

You may be looking forward to leaving your car behind and taking on the city on two wheels as Indiana works to make roadways across the state more bicycle friendly. In many areas, this includes bike lanes, but do these routes dedicated to cyclists really improve your safety?

According to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, data on bicycle crash causes and outcomes are inconclusive. While you may feel more comfortable riding on the street rather than the sidewalk, and going with the flow of traffic rather than against it as pedestrians do, your own willingness to follow traffic laws is only a small piece of the puzzle. 

When a dog's owner can prevent an attack

When you meet an unfamiliar dog, you do not know if the owner has trained and socialized it. Despite the availability of how-to books and videos, not everyone has the patience to train a dog. However, all dog owners have a responsibility to make sure their family pets know how to act around people and other animals. At Doane Law Office, LLC, our legal team understands how important responsible pet ownership is for everyone's safety.

If a dog does bite you, The Association of Professional Dog Trainers has a scale for gauging the action the owner should take to make sure it does not happen again. Less than 1 percent of bites actually puncture the skin, but even if the dog's teeth only slightly come into contact with your skin, the behavior warrants immediate basic training.

Fatal crashes a concern over holidays

For some in Indiana, once Halloween has come and gone, the major autumn and winter holiday season arrives fast. This often brings with it a slew of gatherings with friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers and more. Many of these events require people to travel and the choice to take the journey by car remains a highly popular one across the country. Unfortunately this choice carries with it the risk of being involved in a serious or even fatal motor vehicle accident at a time that should allow people to focus on celebrating.

According to records released by AAA, this Thanksgiving 2017 holiday weekend is expected to see a great number of people take to the open road en route to their get-togethers. In fact, it is believed that the number of people doing so will be a jump by more than three percent over the number of people who took a road trip for Thanksgiving in 2016. Of the appoximately 50 million people who will journey more than 50 miles over the four-day weekend, 90 percent will likely do so by car, pickup truck, sport utility vehicle, minivan or other passenger vehicle.