Seeking Justice For Dangerous Product Injuries

Using a product for its intended purpose should not expose you to the risk of injury. Manufacturers, dealers, distributors, retailers and many others who provide products have the duty to ensure the product does not cause an unreasonable risk of injury. Unfortunately, many products make it into households throughout the Jeffersonville and Louisville communities that pose a risk of harm.

There can be many reasons a dangerous product makes it into the marketplace. Oversight in design, a lack of thorough safety testing or an intentional effort to produce a product with inferior parts for cost-saving in manufacturing may underlie a dangerous product.

Serious Attention For Serious Injuries

At the Doane Law Office, LLC, our Jeffersonville product liability attorney takes product liability cases seriously. We handle a wide variety of product defect claims, including defect design, defective manufacture and failure to warn problems. Many products, such as a chain saw, have inherent risks when used as directed. The parties responsible for introducing the product still have a duty to provide adequate warnings about the potential dangers involved with the product.

We take pride in holding negligent businesses responsible for allowing a defective product reach the home of a family in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Choking hazards in products aimed at children
  • Kitchen appliances and space heaters that pose the risk of fire
  • Defective household appliances, including furnaces and stoves
  • Cooking instruments, such as a pressure cooker or deep-fat fryer that pose the risk of explosions
  • Power tools with safety defects or the lack of reasonable safety guards
  • Dangerously designed recreational or sporting equipment
  • Defective lawn mowers

Consumer protection agencies and companies frequently announce recalls when a product is found to pose the risk of harm. A product recall, however, is not a necessary component to bring a product liability claim. Clark County product defect lawyer Ken Doane knows how to investigate the facts surrounding an accident to build a strong case aimed at achieving justice — and results.

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