Dangerous Conditions Due To Construction Defects

The design and construction of buildings, walkways and parking lots is a science that requires some common sense safety principles. Many designers will add aesthetic features to improve the ambiance of an establishment or commercial property. A business owner may try to make improvements to a property to address a concern without thinking about how the property will actually be used. Oversights in the construction of stairwells, including lighting and handrail concerns can create significant hazards for users of the property.

Many websites that cover premises liability problems will address the real-life concerns when a property owner fails to maintain the property for the safety of guests. However, at Doane Law Office, LLC, our Jeffersonville property injury attorney has stood up for the rights of clients who have suffered injury on potentially well-maintained property related to construction defects that lack proper safeguards, such as yellow paint on a curb built at the end of a walkway to warn pedestrians of its existence. A ten-dollar can of yellow spray paint is a small price to pay for the safety of passersby.

We Investigate The Full Range Of Factors That Caused Your Injury

A hazard on property related to design or construction can be as dangerous as a crack in the sidewalk for an unwary jogger. Some examples of a hazardous condition that can cause accidents include:

  • Poor lighting in or near a stairwell; lighting can warn people of the existence of a passageway
  • Handrails installed without thought of proper placement and use
  • Improperly designed or secured decks that can collapse with use
  • A marble floor without floor mats in the entryway of a building that can become slippery in inclement weather
  • Decorative objects near an entrance that can harm a pedestrian
  • Poorly designed stairs that are hazardous for guests

It is not enough that your lawyer handles personal injury cases. The attorney you choose to help you fight for justice after an injury accident needs to have the skills to fully evaluate the specific facts of your accident and know how to build a compelling case. Attorney Ken Doane is a former insurance defense lawyer who draws on his substantial experience to fight for the rights of accident victims.

We seek to maximize compensation for our clients to cover the costs of medical expenses, rehabilitation, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages that may be available under the unique circumstances of the accident.

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